It would be annoying if you have not noticed anything or damage or even a single stain on your ceiling and then one day you would undeniably shock because of the cracks or the leaking thing up there. It could be something about the insulation removal in your ceiling or there is something about the installation of the wires, tubes, or any pipes to your ceiling. This will be the time that you will regret upon not inspecting it carefully and not be able to do some preventive ways to stop the leak or to make sure that it won’t be like that. Especially, if there would be some stains stuck there. You would try your very best to remove it by using a lot of things and other chemicals just to remove it. You can automatically follow the simple ideas and steps below to make sure that everything will be fine and back to its good and better condition.  

  1. A lot of people would do the same thing when they have found that something is not in its ordinary situation. They will find the source of it. This is the right thing to think and to do. You have to inspect and check where it is coming from. It will be very easy for you to find the answer if you know how to locate the problem. When you are checking for the source, you need to make sure that you wear glass or protective glasses in order to keep your eyes from dust and small particles from coming in. You should protect your hands, too by wearing some excellent gloves. If you have seen that there is a big problem, then don’t think twice in hiring a professional person in fixing the problem. It would be better if they would handle this as they can professionally do the right thing without damaging other things there.  
  1. After fixing the problem, you need to make sure that the stain would be removed or be covered. You may use some water or toner to wipe there and try to scrub with a soft towel. If it is hard to remove and you think that it is going to be impossible to let it go away. Then, you can actually use a pain with the same color and apply it. It would be a good choice and easy to do.  
  1. If the damage to the ceiling is very big. Then, you need to think of changing it with a new one or just repair it. If you don’t have that enough knowledge about handling this kind of repair. You may ask help from others or hire someone that can fix that one immediately.  
  1. If you can do it, you can actually cut or make a hole to the surface that has been damaged but the leaks or it turns to be hard to remove the dirt and stain. After cutting it, make sure that you will put a patch that is enough to cover the hole. You can paint it after.