Landscaping: Uses of a Fence

Fences have many uses to property owners, and all of it not the same. This could only be in between two spectrum. At the other end of this spectrum there is the fence is used for protect something; either from inside or outside it all depends. On the other side of the spectrum a fence could just be there for decoration.

It could also be in the middle of this spectrum wherein a fence is used to protect and at the same time make the property look fantastic. Whichever is the purpose of your fencing needs the Atlanta fencing company will be able to help you with that. Landscaping is serious business, that requires the right amount of creativity and functional. So, a bad fencing job can either negate the serious beauty of the landscape or add a dash of mystery to it.

So, before you decide how to make the whole place pop with beauty, you should know the reasons and purpose of some structures in the property. Fence as mentioned before have different uses and let us elaborate further below.

  1. Privacy

Fence can serve us a private partition or as a wall and doesn’t really have any other purpose other than that. It depends on the owner though how the whole thing would look. As the landscape artist you can work with the fence drawing in the right amount of inspiration so the end results are something that is tied up together.

Privacy wall fence are really fun to work with as you can be creative how to add a splash of brightness on the area. Obviously, the fence will block out and close the area as it’s purpose is to add privacy to the residents inside.

  1. Enclosure

An enclosure fence works just like some sort of a cage but not as severe. Its purpose is to keep children or pet animals in and keep things out. It is an extension of the house where you can give children or pets a space to play and explore the outdoors without them walking straight into traffic. It also keeps other unfamiliar animals such as stray dogs and cats or dangerous animals like rabid dogs and the likes.

Enclosure fences doesn’t also need to be around the property. It could also be another structure that its enclosing for safety purpose. It all depends on either the property owners behest or the state council requires it.

  1. Storage

This one could be like the in between of the two. It serves as an enclosed space that you can put some things away from interested eyes. It may sound odd but there are times wherein there are things that you need to store however, the space won’t allow it and new structure isn’t allowed by either the state council or the space that you have.

For whatever reason you want to have a fence there are so many choices you can choose from. Make sure to talk to your local hardware store to work with them what fence would be the best for you and your budget.

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